Real estate broker

Unlike many real estate agencies that throw apartment offers at you like they would to anyone, we do the opposite; We won’t send you any real estate offers before we get to know you! And it’s only when we know who you are and what your real estate project is that we come back to you with Paris property offers that fit you and only you. So, with us, you won’t be swamped with hundreds emails or Paris apartment offers that don’t match you. That’s why you won’t see any Paris properties on display on this website. First we get to know you and only then do we come back to you with the property, apartment, or flat that you want.

Also, be aware that in most countries the apartment buyer or seller have one real estate agent each. But, in France, traditionally, for any property, there is only one real estate agent for both the seller and the buyer. That’s why we have created Welcome Home Paris; to fill the gap for both the buyer and the seller to have their own realtor! That way, with us, whether you buy or sell a flat or an apartment, you’ll have your own real estate agent on your side!